03/23/17 – “Meditations on Pacification” Pt. 1—A Discourse Between Fools; and Padampa Sangye’s song to Milarepa, “The Vajra Song that is a Heart-Condensation of the Saddharma of the Pacification of Suffering” – By Repa Dorje Odzer (Lama Justin von Bujdoss) and Senge Drayang (Westin Harris)

01/26/17 – “To Engage, or Not to Engage”— Meditations on Buddhist Activism; and Kongtrul’s “Praise to Padampa Sangye” – By Senge Drayang (Westin Harris)

01/07/17 – “Lies” Pt. 2—Specters of a Buddhist Translation Theory; and “Homage to Prajnaparamita” – By Senge Drayang (Westin Harris)

12/27/16 – “Lies” Pt. 1— Specters of a Buddhist Translation Theory; and Jigme Lingpa’s “A Moon Dancing on Water.” – By Senge Drayang (Westin Harris)

12/19/16 – Padampa Sangye, Milarepa, and “thag chod” (ཐག་ཆོད)་ – By Senge Drayang (Westin Harris)